Sharing African Stories 26 May, 2024

MacPaw introduces a new application designed to assist in eliminating duplicate photos from your iPhone.

MacPaw, known for its Mac and iOS applications, has unveiled a new iPhone app named CleanMyPhone, designed to aid users in reclaiming storage space by removing duplicate photos and managing unwanted images.

The app is structured around three primary tabs: "declutter," "organize," and "network." The declutter feature identifies and scans photos to locate duplicates, screenshots, screen recordings, TikTok videos, app folders, and blurred images. By default, all images are selected for cleaning with a single tap, but users have the option to deselect specific images if desired.

In the organize tab, users can initiate scans for photos taken within the last seven days, the last 30 days, or a custom timeframe. After completion, the app categorizes the photos into groups such as pets, travel, portraits, and food. Users can then create new folders to organize these photos accordingly. Within each category, options for "Similars" and "Uniques" are available. Similars groups nearly identical shots together for easy removal, while Uniques displays images that may be candidates for deletion. Users can also mark certain images as sensitive to exclude them from future scans. Additionally, the app includes a network speed test feature, although its relevance within this context feels somewhat incongruous.

The free version of the app offers limited functionality, restricting access to only the "Other" category for organization and omitting the ability to mark content as "sensitive." To unlock these features, users can opt for an annual subscription priced at $24.99. MacPaw has announced plans to introduce a one-time payment option later this year.

In a recent development, MacPaw publicly embraced Apple's DMA rule changes, positioning itself as one of the first companies to do so. Additionally, it announced intentions to launch a Setapp app store on iOS.