Sharing African Stories 26 May, 2024

A TikTok ban is looking more and more like impending reality

That happened quickly. Following approval by a House subcommittee, a bill aimed at compelling the divestment of TikTok or potentially banning it in the United States swiftly gained House approval, albeit with some dissenting votes. Now, attention turns to the Senate, where significant backing has already been gathered. Yet, TikTok users are not passively accepting the shifting political landscape and its potential ramifications.

TechCrunch interviewed several TikTok users who are vehemently opposed to and actively opposing the looming ban of the platform. They highlight the significant impact such a move would have on many small businesses.

However, amidst the focus on a potential ban, what about the option of TikTok being separated from its parent company, ByteDance? This could theoretically address the concerns of the US government, but the Chinese government has signaled opposition to any such sale. Thus, while the bill may appear to offer two avenues for TikTok, in practice, it may essentially be a single-issue law.